Member News & Announcements, June IO 2023

Partnerships and Collaborations

EBSCO Information Services Partners with eReserve to Streamline Resource Management Workflows with EBSCO FOLIO
EBSCO Information Services, Voting Member, Press Release, May 25, 2023

EBSCO Information Services (EBSCO) has partnered with eReserve to support institutions’ resource management workflows with EBSCO FOLIO Services, including services related to copyright control. eReserve is built on a foundation of copyright best practices that offer a clear, defensible position against the increasing threat of copyright litigation while enhancing student engagement and success.  

The selection, organization, and delivery of educational resources are some of an institution’s most critical functions. Providing such resources in a digital format has become increasingly necessary for promoting collaboration, easy resource management, advanced copyright control, and an improved student experience by delivering faculty selected and approved educational resources in a digital format within course resource lists.  

AIP Publishing, Morressier Announce Partnership to Enhance Conference Proceedings with Efficient, Forward-Thinking Platform
AIP Publishing, LLC., and Morressier, Voting Members, Press Release, May 10, 2023

AIP Publishing (AIPP) announced today it has partnered with Morressier to use their industry-leading platform to improve the conference proceedings publication process top-to-bottom — a move that will ultimately benefit conference organizers, editors, and researchers throughout the physical sciences. 

AIPP will work directly with Morressier to support interoperability, growth, and quality in their conference proceedings submission process. By using a single integrated platform, AIPP will be able to further reduce its submission and publication management times.

Research Efforts

IOP Publishing celebrates 100th birthday of the oldest scientific measurement journal
IOP Publishing, Voting Member, News Announcement, May 20, 2023

IOP Publishing (IOPP) is celebrating the 100th anniversary of Measurement Science and Technology, the world’s oldest scientific instrumentation and measurement journal and the first research journal produced by the Institute of Physics.  

To mark the occasion, Measurement Science and Technology has pulled together a collection of articles which revisit some of the research themes published in the first volume, and looks at the latest advancements in metrology. The collection includes papers on developments in the fields of ultrasound sensing with optical fibres, positioning with satellites, and mass measurements with electrostatic balances, all enabling technologies beyond the dreams of metrologists of a century ago.

Strategic Plans and Reports

AUPresses Releases Latest Annual Report
Association of University Presses, Voting Member, News Announcement, May 22, 2023

The Association of University Presses (AUPresses) is pleased to share news of its activities and accomplishments over the past year. Read on for an overview of the organization’s pursuits and highlights from the work of committees, program staff, volunteer leaders, and the member presses.

Clarivate Publishes Sustainability Report for 2022
Clarivate Analytics, Voting Member, Press Release, May 18, 2023

Clarivate Plc (NYSE: CLVT), a global leader in connecting people and organizations to intelligence they can trust to transform their world, today published its third annual sustainability report. The report demonstrates how Clarivate™ is advancing in the areas of Environment, Social and Governance (ESG), especially towards the United Nations Sustainability Goals in partnership with its customers.

In 2022, Clarivate made notable progress by reaching the 90th percentile in the S&P Corporate Sustainability Assessment (CSA) for the Professional Services industry, increasing its score from 11 to 56 within just two years. For 2023, Clarivate has set ambitious goals to increase its S&P CSA score from 56 to 62, set a science-based target by the end of 2024 and become net-zero for all known and measurable emissions before the end of 2040.

Product Innovation

Taylor & Francis Welcomes the Launch of STM’s Paper Mill Detection Tool
Taylor & Francis Group, Voting Member, Press Release, May 16, 2023

A sophisticated new tool has been developed to tackle one of the biggest challenges to the integrity of published research: paper mills. Supported by Taylor & Francis and a range of scholarly publishers, STM’s new Paper Mill Detection Tool will scan journal manuscripts for indications of potential misconduct.

Paper mills are defined by STM and the Committee on Publication Ethics as, “the process by which manufactured manuscripts are submitted to a journal for a fee on behalf of researchers with the purpose of providing an easy publication for them, or to offer authorship for sale”. Not only can paper mill articles pollute the scholarly record with a range of integrity issues, including duplicate submission and image manipulation, they ultimately risk undermining trust in the genuine research they are published alongside.

Open Access, Open Science

Knowledge Unlatched Celebrates 10 Years of Open Access Publishing and Announces 2023 Pledging Round
Knowledge Unlatched, NISO Member (Wiley), Press Release, May 10, 2023

Knowledge Unlatched (KU), the international initiative for Open Access (OA), celebrates a significant milestone as it marks ten years of OA publishing in 2023. To commemorate this achievement, KU is thrilled to announce the launch of its tenth round of funding, which has to date supported the publication of over 4,000 scholarly books and 50 journals in a range of humanities, sciences, and social sciences. Knowledge Unlatched is part of Wiley Partner Solutions.

During the past decade, KU has collaborated with libraries worldwide to unlatch peer-reviewed OA monographs, journals, and other scholarly content. This accomplishment has led to noteworthy enhancements to its flagship HSS collection, KU Select, in 2023.

Innovative new open access agreement signed between PALCI and ACS Publications
American Chemical Society (ACS), and Pennsylvania Academic Library Consortium, Inc. (PALCI), Voting Members, News Announcement, May 10, 2023

PALCI (Partnership for Academic Library Collaboration and Innovation) and ACS Publications are excited to announce the signing of a new open access agreement that provides participating members with full financial support for open access publication in all ACS journals, as well as complete access to ACS Publications’ journal content through the end of 2025.

Building on previous agreements with individual members of the consortium, this new agreement is one of the first to employ a new approach that leverages the strengths of various institutions to enable full open access publishing and subscription access for participating members. This enables open access publication support for authors while maintaining – and, in some cases, expanding – access to current and historical subscription content from ACS’ full range of journals.

CRKN and Érudit renew their Partnership for Open Access for an additional two years
Canadian Research Knowledge Network (CRKN), and Érudit, Voting Members, News Announcement, May 9, 2023

The Canadian Research Knowledge Network (CRKN) and Érudit are pleased to announce the renewal of their Partnership for Open Access (POA) for an additional two-year period. This extension will serve as a transition period to a new long-term partnership agreement planned for 2025 and will allow our organizations to build towards a ground-breaking reimagining of the Canadian open access landscape.

The Partnership for Open Access (POA) is a collective model for providing ongoing financial support to the Canadian scholarly journals disseminated on the platform. As part of the movement to transform scholarly publishing, the POA brings together libraries and journals to build a sustainable open access (OA) environment in Canada. The partnership between CRKN and Érudit was created in 2014 to provide support for Canadian journals and to increase OA for scholarly publications, particularly in the social sciences and humanities. CRKN and Érudit extended the agreement in 2017 following the launch of Coalition Publica, and in 2018 entered an historic five-year agreement which focused on adding English and bilingual journals to the Érudit platform, transitioning journals to open access, strengthening governance, and developing the POA internationally.

Libraries, Collections and Archives

UC Berkeley University Librarian Jeff MacKie-Mason announces retirement plans
University of California Berkeley Library, L.S.A. Member, News Announcement, May 17, 2023

In addition to overseeing the UC Berkeley Library system — comprising nearly two dozen locations — MacKie-Mason is a professor in UC Berkeley’s School of Information and an affiliate professor in the Department of Economics. MacKie-Mason will retire in June 2024.

In a message to UC Berkeley faculty and staff, Benjamin E. Hermalin, executive vice chancellor and provost, praised the Library’s achievements under MacKie-Mason’s leadership. These accomplishments include doubling the Library’s annual philanthropic funding; establishing the Library’s scholarly communications office, which provides the campus community with more than 3,800 copyright, intellectual property, and information policy consultations a year; dramatically ramping up the Library’s digitization efforts, connecting scholars everywhere with digital versions of the Library’s treasures; and initiating the Library’s data services program, supporting the data-related needs of students and faculty.

UTSA Libraries shares user satisfaction survey results
University of Texas, San Antonio, L.S.A. Consortia Member (Amigos), News Announcement, May 16, 2023

The UTSA Libraries recently administered LibQUAL+, a user satisfaction survey from the Association of Research Libraries to solicit, track, understand and act upon users' opinions on library facilities, collections and services. Through a four-week period from mid-March to mid-April, UTSA Libraries received 2,435 survey responses from the UTSA community.

"This survey is instrumental in gathering the UTSA community's perspective on how we are doing," said Dean Hendrix, UTSA vice provost and university librarian. "The results are analyzed carefully to ensure that the library continues to grow and fulfill the needs of those we serve."

Grants and Awards

OU Researchers Win Prestigious NEH Grant to Develop Indigenous Media Portal
University of Oklahoma, L.S.A. Consortia Member (Amigos), News Announcement, May 12, 2023

Researchers working with the University of Oklahoma Libraries and the Native Nations Center won a prestigious grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities to develop an Indigenous Media Portal at OU.  
The award is one of only three from NEH given to Oklahoma researchers this year. All three grants were given to OU researchers.