Tommie Usdin


Tommie Usdin Headshot

Ms. Usdin has been working with XML and XSLT since their inception, and with SGML since 1985. Tommie chairs Balisage: The Markup Conference and is a frequent speaker at JATS-Con, the Journal Article Tag Suite Conference. She is on the Board of Directors of NISO. Ms. Usdin has led teams doing document analysis and DTD/schema development for medical reference works, scientific and technical textbooks, industrial manuals, legal treatises, and historical literature. She was lead designer of the National Library of Medicine's Journal Publishing Tag Set (the predecessor to JATS) of JATS as it has evolved, and of BITS, the Book Interchange Tag Suite. She was lead designer of ISO STS and is currently playing that same role on NISO STS. Ms. Usdin has developed customizations of JATS (both supersets and subsets) to support the needs of journal publishers, government outreach offices, and standards organizations.