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NISO Open Teleconference, May 2023 on KBART

NISO Open Teleconference, May 2023 on KBART

June 2023

KBART is a NISO Recommended Practice that facilitates the transfer of holdings metadata from content providers to knowledge base suppliers and libraries. The first iteration of the KBART Recommended Practice, which focused on journal holdings, was published in 2010; a 2014 "Phase II" revision extended support to metadata for e-books, conference proceedings, consortial subscriptions, and some open access publications. Since early 2020, the KBART Standing Committee has been hard at work on research and actions around elements of its Phase III work with subgroups addressing areas of work such as clarifying the recommendations, revamping the mission statement, determining new fields, and creating a new file guide.  

Nettie Lagace, NISO's Associate Executive Director, moderates this discussion with KBART Standing Committee members Mark Calkins, Ben Johnson, Noah Levin, Bobbi Patham, and Andrew Senior about KBART Phase III, the work of its subgroups on new fields and new file formats, and other aspects of their work.

Listen to the audio below: