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New and Emerging Specs & Standards (May 2023)

New and Emerging Specs & Standards (May 2023)

May 2023

ISO 16245:2023 Information and documentation — Boxes, file covers and other enclosures, made from cellulosic materials, for storage of paper and parchment documents
Technical Committee: ISO/TC 46/SC 10 Requirements for document storage and conditions for preservation

“This document specifies requirements for boxes, file covers and other enclosures made of cellulosic material, to be used for long term storage of documents on paper or parchment. This document is applicable to boxes made of solid or corrugated board and to file covers and other enclosures made of paper or board. This document can also be applicable to other types of enclosures for long term storage such as cases, portfolios, tubes and envelopes made of cellulosic material. This document is not applicable to storage of photographic materials. ISO 18902 contains requirements on storage materials for photographs.”

ISO 28560-3:2023 Information and documentation — RFID in libraries — Part 3: Fixed length encoding
Technical Committee: ISO/TC 46 Information and documentation

“This document provides a data model and encoding rules for the use of radio frequency identification (RFID) tags for items appropriate for the needs of all types of libraries (including national, academic, public, corporate, special, and school libraries). This document specifies the rules for encoding a subset of data elements taken from the total set of data elements listed in ISO 285601 into a basic block, and other data elements into extension blocks onto the RFID tag. A source of additional information about implementation issues is provided in Annex A.”

Call for Review: EPUB 3.3, EPUB Reading Systems 3.3, EPUB Accessibility 1.1 are W3C Proposed Recommendations [W3C]
“The EPUB 3 Working Group has published three Proposed Recommendations today for EPUB 3.3. This technology defines a distribution and interchange format for digital publications and documents. The EPUB format provides a means of representing, packaging, and encoding structured and semantically enhanced Web content — including HTML, CSS, SVG, and other resources — for distribution in a single-file container.

The three Proposed Recommendations are: The EPUB 3.3 specification defines the authoring requirements for EPUB Publications and represents the third major revision of the standard; The EPUB Reading Systems 3.3 specification defines the conformance requirements for EPUB 3 Reading Systems — the user agents that render EPUB Publications; The EPUB Accessibility 1.1 specifies content conformance requirements for verifying the accessibility of EPUB Publications. It also specifies accessibility metadata requirements for the discoverability of EPUB publications. Comments are welcome through 15 May 2023.”

New Issue of ITAL [ALA Core]
The March 2023 issue of Information Technology and Libraries (ITAL) was published on Monday, March 20. This issue includes articles such as “Services to Mobile Users: The Best Practice from the Top Visited Public Libraries in the US” by Yan Quan Liu and Sarah Lewis; “Decision-Making in the Selection, Procurement, and Implementation of Alma/Primo: The Customer Perspective” by Jin Xiu Guo and Gordon Xu; and “Japanese Military “Comfort Women” Knowledge Graph: Linking Fragmented Digital Records” by Haram Park and Haklae Kim.