ITHAKA S+R: Components of Common Infrastructure

Report: Common Scholarly Communication Infrastructure Landscape Review

Rieger, Oya Y., and Roger C. Schonfeld. "Common Scholarly Communication Infrastructure Landscape Review." Ithaka S+R. Ithaka S+R. 24 April 2023. Web. 27 April 2023.


As always, Ithaka S+R provides a useful assessment of where the community stands in 2023 with regard to a shared scholarly information infrastructure.

A robust and nimble infrastructure is imperative to support the ongoing digital transformation of scholarly communication, enabling new and improved services and achieving real efficiencies for all stakeholder communities. Developing, maintaining, and sustaining fit-for-purpose community infrastructure is a challenge particularly when the technology and policy environments are in flux. Some elements of the shared infrastructure are rising in importance, while others may be declining in value, as a result of change in scholarly communication and the broader ecosystems in which it occurs. In this report, we do not attempt to review or assess the various pieces of the shared infrastructure or their future trajectories, but simply to describe their current role.[3]

Components of the Shared Infrastructure

The report identifies components of the shared infrastructure, which include

  • Assessing Impact and Value
  • Authentication and Authorization
  • Discovery, Syndication, and Aggregation
  • Licensing, Reading Ecosystems, and Rights Management
  • Manuscript Submission, Editorial Management, and Research Integrity
  • Non-Consumptive Use
  • Persistent Identifiers
  • Preservation
  • Publishing Platforms and Repositories
  • Research Data Curation and Management
  • Supporting New Business Models and Policy Environments
  • Usage Data

In each instance, the report offers a description, specific examples, and related resources.

This very useful review, co-authored by Oya Y. Rieger and Roger C. Schonfeld, serves as a worthwhile place marker to the community. It is available in both HTML and PDF formats here.