Managing Change to Support an Expanding Research Ecosystem

Lauren Kane, Chief Strategy Officer, Morressier

This presentation by Lauren Kane (then with Morressier and now with BioOne) was featured on the opening day of the NFAIS Forethought Strategic Summit"Transforming Content Through Transformed Systems," held June 16-17 2021. Kane provided this as the abstract for her talk:

Scholarly publishing has historically been slow to change, with underlying systems, formats, and workflows evolving incrementally over time. However, given the events of the last 18 months and the clear need for a more transparent, accessible, and comprehensive research ecosystem, we may be at an inflection point, with more rapid change ahead.

Sharing early-stage research findings and promoting discourse around initial experimentation, far before a published article, can be critical to expediting breakthroughs. The appetite for and appreciation of pre-published findings for a variety of content types including video, presentations, posters, datasets, and negative results seems poised not just to continue but to accelerate.

But how can organizations and information managers practically integrate these traditionally analog or previously unavailable content formats into their existing systems and workflows? What are the key considerations in ensuring that this information is not just accessible but meaningfully connected and preserved, while respecting privacy and re-use limitations? And critically, how can this be done in a financially sustainable manner? In this presentation, we’ll explore these and related questions, drawing from industry examples of organizations that are innovating around new content types and successfully anticipating changing user needs.

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