NISO Plus 2022 Call for Proposals Now Open

Submit Your Ideas by November 5!

NISO Plus 2022

What are the big issues in your part of the information world? What are the challenges and opportunities you’d most like to share with your colleagues across the global information community? With preparations for NISO Plus 2022 gathering pace, we want to hear your ideas for panel sessions at next year’s conference

Our goal with NISO Plus is twofold: to spark conversations between groups within the information community that do not often have an opportunity to talk to each other; and to identify areas where there are opportunities to solve problems together and improve the information ecosystem for everyone involved.

Together with our wonderful planning committee, we’ve come up with a preliminary list of broad topics of interest to information professionals around the world — librarians, publishers, vendors, and others:

  • Archiving and preservation
  • Cutting-edge ideas
  • Global issues
  • Information quality and ethics
  • Metadata
  • Metrics
  • Open research
  • Research infrastructure
  • Sustainability

So, if you have ideas for sessions on these (or other) topics, please use this form to submit your proposal(s) by close of business on November 5. 

As in previous years, in line with our ongoing efforts to improve and support diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility  (DEIA) in the information community,we want to ensure that NISO Plus 2022 is as diverse, equitable, inclusive, and accessible as possible. We will therefore be prioritizing proposals that reflect a variety of perspectives — geographical, organizational, functional, etc — and that acknowledge and address DEIA challenges and opportunities.  Additionally, while the conference is primarily an English-language event, if your proposal is accepted, we will be happy to work with you to deliver your talk in another language, which we will translate and transcribe into English. 

All talks will be pre-recorded during December and January. There will be live viewings of all accepted presentations during the conference itself, with Q&A/chat during the screening and further discussion/conversation in a variety of formats for 30-45 minutes immediately afterwards. 

We warmly invite you to submit your ideas to us by close of business on November 5 — either via this Google form or, if you can’t access Google, you can contact us directly