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Open Teleconference November 2022 - NISO Plus Forum

Open Teleconference

The NISO Plus Forum is a new, in-person event that provides a bridge between the virtual NISO Plus conferences: an opportunity to continue some of the conversations started at the previous conference and connect them to the next one in concrete and meaningful ways. This year’s meeting was held in September in Washington, DC and discussed metadata structures, exchange, and identifiers, providing input for a metadata stream at the upcoming virtual NISO Plus conference. Future Forums will be held in different locations around the world, enabling us to engage more deeply with the global information community.

Jason Griffey, NISO's Director of Strategic Initiatives, will join NISO Associate Executive Director Nettie Lagace to chat about current and future plans for keeping on top of what's percolating in our community. Jason will talk about the NISO Plus overall plan of action and how the Forum meetings fit in. He will also recount the Forum which took place in September and describe its format, speakers (provocateurs), and attendee participation - and how the multiple discussions and ideas all about metadata, a key topic for everyone in our community, are moving forward into focus as part of NISO Plus 2023, which will be held online February 14-16

We will welcome open teleconference reactions and input.

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 The recording is now available:

Audio Recording, November 14, 2022 Open Teleconference, NISO Plus Forum